Stock Tracking

You could easily follow the product’s quantity and features by through stock module.

Saving On Time

You could buy and sell the products safely and quickly by through SiberPos so you can save the time.

Quick Sales Keys

You could be define quickly sales key for the barcode-free and often sold products.

User Friendly

SiberPos’s usage is extremely simple and there is a user-friendly interface.


SiberPos Quick Sales Barcode Program is an easy to use business management solution developed for businesses which are retail customers. It is used in different business lines such as Gifts, Garden Supplies, Health, Food, Market, Buffet, Jewelry and Sporting Goods.

The SiberPos program, which is developed for the retail companies to use in sales points, it is an application that could be used by everyone, whether or not having a computer experience in sales oriented enterprises.

At the end of each sale, you could give your customer a receipt of information that has no monetary value.

With the authorization feature, different users could be defined and also be used easily in enterprises with work shifts.


You could see in this section, Sales and sales return transactions performed on the Quick Sales screen. If necessary, authorized users could make  a correction and deletion on these sales.

If desired, you could enter the product purchases from the transactions section so that you could see how many products have been purchased in each date and time.

Using the Info button, you could see date and time that each transaction was created and last updated by whom.


It is possible to use with barcode scales in SiberPos Program. If the company uses classic barcode, the product barcode is read and the amount of product is automatically taken from the barcode label and transferred to the quantity field.

For businesses using barcode-free scales, if the option is activated in the Parameters section “When during Sales, user can enter Price and Quantity Information in the Weight-Measured Artikel”, it will open a window which resulted a pop-up window in which user can easily enter the weight value.

You can be use the SiberPos program with all barcode or barcode-free scales.

User Definitions

If more than one user will share the program, you can be define different users and passwords from in this section and you could specify in which sections of the program each user can access and what could do.

The ADMIN user is the main user. You can change the password, but you cannot delete this user, and you cannot define authorization.  For this reason, it is important to know the ADMIN user and password only for you.

SiberPos <> PeraPos

There are 2 key features that separate the SiberPos program from the PeraPos program.

a-) There is no barcode label module in the SiberPos program.

b-) Switching from the SiberPos program to the BarcodeSis program is not possible.

Dia Software Integration

The SiberPos program can be integrated with Dia software online and offline. You can transfer your stocks in Dia program to SiberPos program at any time.

You can also bill the sales and sales returns made in the SiberPos program with the one-click to Dia program.

How Can I Try the Barcode Program?

You will pay for the software at once. There is no monthly or annual fee.

You can download a 7-day trial version of the program to your computer and use it before purchasing it.


Quick Sales Screen & Keys

You could select one of the stock cards you define and make it appear as a sales button on the quick sales screen, you could make sales by clicking on these buttons or by touching them. This feature especially used for products that do not have a barcode and could not be sticked to it. You could show product names or pictures over the buttons.

This is an easy sales screen. You could see that the products from the shopper brings to case are listed in the sales basket by read the barcodes. You can see the information of each product by reading the barcode on the screen and track the total sales amount.

Users with authorization may apply either a monetary or a percentage discount. At the end of the sale, you could enter the amount of money that is received from the customer and calculate the amount of money to be returned to the customer.

You could finalized the sales as Cash Sales or Credit Card. This way, you could track how much cash and how much credit card sales are made at the end of the day.

At the end of each sale, you could print a receipt with no monetary value.

Stock Definitions

It is the section where the stock cards of the products you are selling defined. The product’s basic information and product photos are defined on this screen.

If you have barcode-free products in stock, you could be define barcode to these products by pressing one button in SiberPos program and could be display them as sales button on quick sales screen. The SiberPos program can work with EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, IMEI, CODABAR, CODE-39, CODE-128 and CLASSIC BARCODE barcode type.

You could see all the buy and sell transactions of the product on a single screen by using the transactions button.

Using the Info button, you could see date and time who created each inventory card and that was last updated by whom.

Stock Import: You could be easily import your stock cards with an Excel file.

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